Quetzalcoatl & Tochtli

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Image of Quetzalcoatl & Tochtli


Price: 250 usd each, or 450 for both Quetzalcoatl and Tochtli
Quetzalcoatl over munny 7"
Tochtli over Chakal DIY 3.75", Moon made of MDF and acrylic base

The rabbit in the moon, an ancestral story.
Quetzalcoatl, feathered snake, creature winged with shiny rainbow colors, went on a trip into the human world, he had walked one kin (one day), at dusk he felt fatigued and hungry, in the strange darkness of the night he continued going on until the stars started to shine and the moon peeked by at the window of the dark sky.
Then in the darkness of the forest, he sat down to rest in the side of the way, there he was when he saw Tochtli, a small rabbit that had gone out to dine at the light of the stars.
-What are you eating?-he asked.-I am eating grass, Do you want some?
-Thank you but i don't eat grass. -Answered Quetzalcoatl.
-What are you going to do then? -asked Tochtli.
-Maybe die of hunger and thirst.-
Tochtli got near Quetzalcoatl and told him:
-I'm nothing more but a small rabbit, but if you are hungry eat me, i am here.-
Quetzalcoatl stroked Tochtli and said smiling:
You are more than a rabbit the whole world, shall always remember you for this gesture of giving your life to save someone else...what a great heart...
And he raised him high, so high, to the moon, where the figure of Tochtli was left there stamped in silver light.
He then brought him back to the ground and told him:
There is your portrait, everyone in all times will feel the greatness of humility through you.....

price: 250 usd each, Quetzalcoatl or Tochtli (special price buying both pieces,send me an email asking for it)

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Image of Quetzalcoatl & Tochtli Image of Quetzalcoatl & Tochtli Image of Quetzalcoatl & Tochtli Image of Quetzalcoatl & Tochtli